From Tank Set-Up to Feeding Guidelines: How to Care for Your Bearded Dragon


Tank Set-Up

Before bringing home your new bearded dragon, it’s important to have their tank set up properly. A 40-gallon tank is recommended for adult bearded dragons, with juveniles needing a smaller tank that can be upgraded as they grow. The tank should include a heat source, such as a heat lamp or heat pad, a UVB light to mimic natural sunlight, a basking spot, climbing branches, a hide spot for privacy, and a water dish for drinking and bathing. The tank should be cleaned regularly to ensure your bearded dragon’s health.

Feeding Guidelines

Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning they eat both insects and plants. Juvenile dragons should be fed insects such as crickets, mealworms, and dubia roaches daily, while adults can be fed insects every other day. Plant-based foods such as collard greens, dandelion greens, and squash should also be offered daily. It’s important to provide a varied diet to ensure your dragon is receiving all the necessary nutrients. Dusting insects with a calcium supplement is also recommended to prevent metabolic bone disease.

Care and Handling

Bearded dragons are relatively easy to care for, but they do require some attention. Regular handling can help keep your dragon socialized and comfortable with being touched. When handling your dragon, be gentle and support their body to prevent injury. Be sure to wash your hands before and after handling to prevent the spread of diseases. It’s important to monitor your dragon’s behavior and appetite, as any changes could indicate a health issue that needs attention.


Caring for a bearded dragon can be a rewarding experience, but it does require dedication and knowledge. By setting up the proper tank environment, following feeding guidelines, and providing regular care and handling, you can ensure that your bearded dragon lives a long and healthy life. Remember to research and educate yourself on the specific needs of bearded dragons to provide them with the best care possible.


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